is a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to do research in the field of computational materials design. You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.


What is USPEX?

  • USPEX is a method for computational materials discovery developed by Artem R. Oganov and his students and postdocs since 2004. Currently it can be used for the screening of stable and low-energy metastable crystal structures, nanoparticles, surface reconstructions, molecular packings in organic crystals, and used to search for materials with desired physical (mechanical, electronic) properties.

  • Recently, protein structure prediction was also implemented in USPEX code. USprotein code is able to predict ternary structure of the protein knowing only amino acids chain of which it’s made. With this distributed computing project we invite everyone to participate in such research, which will result in finding spatial structure of any protein and description of its possible properties and functions.

  • USPROTEINS@HOME is a collaborating project of the USPEX laboratory (based in Skoltech, MIPT) and Centre for Distributed Computing (based in IITP RAS) and applied optimization department (based in FRC CSC RAS). More information about discoveries made by our method you may find in our website.

    Current project

    • Right now, USPROTEIN@HOME project conducts prediction of ternary structure of any protein knowing its amino acids chain. We study proteins from proteins data bank, and also it can work for any protein with known amino acids chain. Also we can predict how protein structure will change by substituting any amino acids in its chain.

      How to participate?

      If you would like to participate in our project please to do following things:

    • Read our rules on policies
    • Download and install VirtualBox versions 5.1.12 – 5.1.18 or 5.1.22 - 5.1.28
    • Download and run BOINC
    • Choose Add Project and copy the URL-link of this page

System requirements

  • Windows 7+

  • 700 MB RAM

  • BOINC-client 7+

  • 10 GB free disk space

  • Virtual Box

    Versions 5.1.12 – 5.1.18 or 5.1.22 - 5.1.26

    VirtualBox version within default BOINC-client is depricated. You need install VirtualBox version from the official web-site.